2021 NFL Football Spectra Hobby Case Break – Random 32 Team – $415/Spot



Random 32 Team Spectra Football Hobby Case Break

Average Case Auto & Memorabilia:

32 Autos

32 Mems

Break Description:

  • 2021 Sealed NFL Spectra Case (8 Boxes)

Random Team Break Explained:

Random Team Break

If you like surprises, Random Team is your kind of break. Each slot is priced evenly but slot holders are randomly assigned a team. For example, a NFL break will have 32 open slots (since there are 32 teams in the NFL) and randomly assign the teams ( We will input the list of team names along with each person who purchased a spot. Then, the fun begins as the “dice” start to roll. If, for example, you are assigned #28, you will have won the cards for the #28 team.