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Football Breaks, Basketball Breaks, Baseball Breaks.

Welcome to 5 Tool Sports Breaks!

A live box break is essentiallywhen a group of people purchase a box full of sports cards. The breaker (the seller) opens the cards during a live video session and the users (the buyers) watch and hope to obtain rare and valuable cards. For buyers, this method of purchasing increases their chances of obtaining a big hit while reducing the cost to participate in the hobby. 

At 5 Tool Sports Breaks we want to provide you with the most value for your money by offering football breaks, basketball breaks, and baseball breaks at a range of price points to accommodate to everyone’s budget in the sports card community.

How Do Break Boxes Work?

Box breaks can be done several different ways and it depends entirely on the breaker that you decide to buy with. Below are some of the more common types of breaks you will find in our site:

Can you handle the BIG DOG break?!

You want to get rich…? You want to win BIG…? You want to drive a Ferrari…? Let’s pull some fire and change your life.  Let’s GOOOOO!

Our Products

The best football, basketball, and baseball breaks money can buy. We pride ourselves in putting together a wide variety in each break. Below you willfind some of the boxes we chose from like Flawless, National Treasure, Origins, Absolute, Gold Standard Optic, Certified, and Donruss.

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